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Radio's Hottest New Format
from The ComStar Network is an exciting new format that features the biggest hits from the '60s,'70s,'80s,'90s,and today. Every song targets adults 25-54, and specifically, the 35-49 core.

Yes We Have Attitude...So What's It To You
provides a fresh and entertaining, up tempo attitude to cut through the day to day radio clutter.  ALLHITSFM is targeted to deliver maxium revenue in the #1 demographic sought by advertisors.

Powered By Full Spectrum Research
ALLHITSFM incorportates a revolutionary new way of testing music, called Full Spectrum Research. In addition to traditional research methods, it also incorporates duplication analysis, and multiformat music testing. ComStar's new proprietary research system, is designed to generate a wide, safe, mass appeal playlist. The results are higher quarter hours.

It's Low Cost To Operate
format was specificaly designed to be announcer free after the morning show. All personality, community service, and surveilance is built into the ALLHITSFM format, making it a very efficient and low cost format to operate, important in today's challenging marketplace.

You Now Have A New Choice
is a new, exciting and unique format. If all the good formats have been taken in your market, you now have a  new format option designed to deliver mass appeal rating numbers. This is not Oldies, Classic Hits, Jack, or Classic Rock. The ALLHITSFM format is a new fresh mass appeal format.

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